8 Stocking fillers for the perfect CrossFit Christmas

If you are a CrossFit of functional fitness enthusiast or have a partner, relative or friend that is the holidays are a mix of jubilation and sometimes guilt.

We all like to let loose once a year and enjoy all that Christmas has to offer and a great way to help alleviate any lingering guilt you may have or eagerness to get back to training, is to stock up on some new gear so that you are ready to get back on it for when January hits.

We have picked 10 stocking fillers that will bring smiles to functional fitness enthusiasts and CrossFitters anywhere.


One of the most annoying side effects of any functional fitness / crossfit regimine is calluses. With BloQaid 4you don’t remove your calluses you manage them before they rip, pinch or get too rough.

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Last day of the sale! 25% off everything! Use code BlackFriday to snag a bargain! @jpgmully

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New year new knee sleeves – Improve joint stability, knee pain relief, limits patella deviation and guides tracking. There really is no reason not to have a good pair of knee sleeves.

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NoBull High-top black trainer

Maybe a little big for a stocking! Unless you just put one in and one under the tree. But these New high-top black trainers from NoBull are perfect for your training and provide excellent ankle support.

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Boxarmour Flex Leggings

There is nothing more satisfying than new clothing to train in that is designed especially for functional fitness and these leggings are no different.

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Stance Socks

A great selection of designs from Marvel to Superman, Star Wars to Step brothers! These socks pack a punch in design and performance and with so much choice you’ll be able to find something for even the hardest person to get gifts for.

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Rogue Fitness – SR-343 Mach Speed rope

Rogue’s fastest most mechanically advanced speed rope, lightweight and available in a range of colours so you can customise the rope to match the colour of your gym or team.

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WOD Nation – Wrist Wraps

Great support to give you the confidence to lift heavier, great selection to choose from.

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Activits IgniteRX + FusionRX


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YOU PERFORM AT YOUR PEAK WHY SHOULDN’T⠀ YOUR SUPPLEMENTS DO THE SAME⠀ ⠀ Most people partaking in functional fitness struggle to find the time to get the right nutrition they need consistently to fuel their workouts and a way to maintain their joint health. Activits nutrition provide Liquid nutritional supplements that are quick to take, have higher absorption than regular multi-vitamins are specially formulated for functional fitness and give you everything you need to smash it in the gym or box. ⠀ ⠀ Introducing⠀ ⠀ IgniteRX – Your daily multi vitamin and mineral, that also packs in amino acids and greens into 1 super healthy shot⠀ Loaded with more effective doses than your usual multi vitamin, each shot also contains amino acids to help recover and build muscle mass, greens for general health, as well as ginseng and caffeine for an energy boost.⠀ ⠀ FusionRX – Recover faster and protect your body,⠀ to keep you pushing your limits⠀ FusionRX is your daily support for healthy joints. Glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen all have a beneficial effect on cells in joints. Turmeric and green tea are included to aid against inflammation, while Vitamin D is vital for bone function. Training puts a strain on your joints, but you don’t want to cut back. Instead, give your joints some protection with our powerful joint formula.⠀ ⠀ Buy Now – [link in bio]⠀available now from @reactnutrition Photography ? by @neilshearer_photography ⠀ #functionalfitness #crossfit #crossfitnutrition #fitnessnutrition #fitnessmobility #jointrecovery #activits #activitsnutrition #fuelyourworkout #superchargeyourrecovery #fitnesslife #boxlife #nutrition #supplements #vitamins #fitnessmotiviation #fitnessproducts #functionalfitnesstraining #fitnessnutritionshop #crossfitlife

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Ok a bit of self-promotion but we believe our liquid multi-vitamin and joint recovery product are the perfect stocking fillers. Specially designed for the functional fitness market, with more absorption than
standard vitamins and packed with healthy vitamins, amino acids, green tea extract and more to make sure you are performing at your peak and recovering effectively.

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