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The Benefits of a High Protein Diet

There is a lot of evidence that a high protein diet is beneficial for building muscle, gaining strength and losing weight v a low or moderate protein diet. Not only does protein aid recovery allowing you to train harder in subsequent sessions, it also stimulates muscle growth, which helps in muscle and strength gains.

For losing weight, protein digests slowly, and helps to preserve muscle while you lose weight, while also burning more calories, making fat loss faster. We often hear the comment: won’t eating more protein make me bulky?

The answer to that is no. You can’t gain weight by burning more energy than you consume, so unless your total calories consumed exceed what you are burning, then you won’t gain weight. This is the same for any diet, so a high protein diet will not suddenly have you walking around like a body builder…

Lean muscle growth

What about protein before bed. Will that make me fat ?

Again this is a simple answer of no. As long as you are not taking in more calories than you burn in a day, then meal timing won’t contribute to gaining fat. Taking in a slow digesting protein before bed can actually be a good way to give a supply of amino acids to your muscles for growth and repair while you sleep. Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese and casein protein are all good choices before bed.


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