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The 3 main things to do to maintain muscle mass

While everyone can expect to lose muscle mass as we age, it is also possible to grow muscle at any age. There are no short cuts available, and to maintain or grow new muscle requires pushing and pulling heavy things. In short, some resistance exercise.

Why do it though ?

That one is easy. Loss of muscle mass contributes to poor health, fatigue, and then further down the line, as we age, disability, frailty, and even death. If you do manage to maintain muscle mass though, your chance of dying from a chronic disease is massively reduced, and it has been proven that only one hour a week of resistance exercise can be beneficial.

While building muscle mass is massively complex, and there is an unlimited amount of information available online, it can be condensed into 3 simple points:

1.     Diet, particularly with respect to protein intake

Ascent Protein

2.     Resistance exercise


Resistance Exercises

3.     Dietary supplements to enhance muscle mass and muscle protein synthesis


Nutritional Supplements

It turns out then that making sure you have enough quality protein, doing some weight training, and using the right kind of supplements can help you preserve muscle mass, which can have massive pay offs later in life. A really simple formula worth investing in if ever there was one!




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