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How vitamin B12 helps the body, enhances your health and is crucial for your workout performance

What is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin that the body can’t make on its own and your body absorbs what it needs and flushes the rest out. So you have to replenish your vitamin B12 daily.

What are the benefits of vitamin B12?

Essential for energy
Vitamin B12 helps you to metabolise proteins and fats and helps turn carbohydrates into sugar for use as energy. People with a B12 deficiency often feel tired and run down.

Enhances brain function
Vitamin B12 nervous system benefits extend to your brain and it is also crucial for maintaining memory, concentration and focus.

Improve mood
Vitamin B12 is key to creating serotonine and dopamine to boost your mood and help to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. When combined with folate in your body it helps you to regulate stress. 

Improve sleep
Vitamin B12 boosts production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is responsible for regulating your circadian rhythm.

Reduce Joint Pain
Vitamin B12 provides relief and decreases inflammation for conditions that cause joint pain and stiffness such as arthritis.

Other Benefits of Vitamin B12
– Helps with red blood cell production and anaemia prevention
– Slows down macular degeneration
– Supports bone health and prevent osteoarthritis (more research needed)
– Reduces brain neurone loss
– Increases heart health
– Supports healthy hair, skin and nails

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

An estimated 6% of the population has a B12 deficiency while a further 20% have low levels or borderline deficiency. It can occur in two ways either you can’t absorb B12 from your food intake or you don’t get enough of it in your diet as the body doesn’t make it you have to get all you need from food and supplementation.

The most at risk from a vitamin B12 deficiency are those with diseases like Crohn’s or Celiac’s, older adults over 60, those on a strict Vegan diet.

Sources of Vitamin B12

– Meat
– Fish
– Dairy
– Eggs
– Seafood
– Liver
– Plant Milks (for Vegan’s)
– Soy products (for Vegan’s)
– Supplements

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