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What is post workout recovery?

What is post-workout recovery?

Do you struggle to sleep, find it hard to continually perform at your peak due to stiffness and soreness or find your immune systems suffers from intense training? You probably have an issue with your recovery routine. Post-workout our body will try and reverse the impact of stress from training, it is in this reversal that the body overcompensates recovery so that next time you can perform at higher levels and for longer. To get the most benefit from the bodies post-training recovery we want to recover fully from one workout before we train again. So the quicker we can recover the more frequently we can train, reducing the risk of injury and lower levels of performance.

Why is it important?

The quicker we recover, the more we can get out of our training and the more progress we make. By promoting certain mechanisms of recovery post-workout we can get back to a fresh, ready to train state quicker to maximise our workout schedule. Post-workout recovery also helps in reducing your chance for an injury by allowing the body to fully repair before training again.


Post-workout recovery routine


What are the benefits of post-workout recovery?

Increased mobility
Recovery helps to increase the maximum range of movement during your subsequent workouts and over time if you practiser some post-workout routines that involve stretching and or yoga you will see greatly improved range of movement. This help to improve the individual exercises you use when training due to a greater range of movement during that exercise.

Decreases pain and soreness
Your recovery routine will help you to reduce the pain, stiffness and sore muscles that you get from training and speed up the recovery process so you don’t have to put up with it for so long.

Improve your workout performance
Post-workout recovery helps you to increase your range of movement and get you back to the gym faster. This speed of recovery is crucial to improving your performance and making regular incremental gains in your strength, stamina and overall fitness, which allows you to continually push yourself.

Better sleep
We all know the importance of sleep but few of us do anything to improve our sleeping habits. An effective post-workout recovery routine will help you to address the common issue of overtraining. The problem with overtraining is it affects your sleep and one of the signs of this is being overly tired during the day but unable to sleep at night, by practising post-workout recovery you can put your body back in balance.

Improved immune function
Studies have shown that improving recovery strengthens your immune system and regulates hormonal in balances. A stronger immune system will help you ward off illness allowing you to continually train, there is nothing worse than getting ill and not being able to train.

Foam Roller


How can you improve your post-workout recovery?

Take care of your nutrition
For your body to be able to effectively recover and repair post-workout you need to get the right kind of and balanced nutrition. Protein is essential for the repair of damaged cells during training, carbohydrates work to restore your muscles glycogen stores, a balance of vitamins and minerals helps your cells to functions properly and optimally and staying hydrated helps in repairing and the growth of new cells.

Active recovery
Light intensity exercise post-workout can aid with your recovery as it helps to promote blood flow and clear out metabolites e.g lactate from our system that reduce muscle performance. Yoga is a great way to do light intensity exercise but also stretch to improve tissue quality.

Tissue Quality
Stretching and flexibility techniques help with your mobility and to stretch out your tight muscles post-workout. Sports massage and products like foam rollers can also help to loosen up your muscles and target certain areas. 


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