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How to improve your snatch technique and increase your strength

Snatch is one of the olympic lifts used in Crossfit and is one of the hardest full-body exercises is the snatch and can take years to properly master but when performed correctly it can have more benefits than any other single movement. The olympic lifts in general but especially the snatch activates muscle fibres quickly due to the explosiveness of the movement. This explosiveness is something that benefits all forms of sport and it teaches you to to use your muscles in the proper sequence or a chain of events this can help you improve your form with other movements.

Why is it important?

Some benefits of the snatch include:

Core strength
Building your core strength is not only crucial to improve your snatch technique but will help with all other movements and workouts in general

Lat strength
The snatch really helps to improve your lat strength and hits that muscle group in a few ways through the movement.

The reason why some find the snatch tough especially if you are purely into bodybuilding is due to flexibility but also the benefit from the exercise if you persist with it is improved flexibility.

Body awareness (Proprioception)
This one is more important than you think, the more complex movements and the more focused you are on getting form right the more you will tune into your own body. this gives you the bonus of beginning to tap into your weight distribution, alignment, posture and balance all of which will help you in all areas of your life.

Kinetic chain syncronization
Being able to synchronise your body through a series of movements again is something that will aid your overall training.

Explosive power
One of the attributes sought after in most sporting disciplines.

Improved mobility
The snatch works a number of joints as part of the sequence and as long as your form is correct and you aren’t doing any of the most common mistakes (see below) this can be great for your mobility and strength around those joints. 

Faster sprinting
If you add explosive power, improved flexibility, improved mobility and increased leg strength from training this movement you get faster sprinting. 


How to improve your snatch technique for crossfit


What are the most common mistakes when it comes to snatching?

Common mistakes when performing the snatch. ⠀ ⠀

Inconsistent grip widths
Loss of focus can sometimes lead to inconsistent grip widths which can effect the set up of the movement, bracing and overall body position during the movement.⠀ ⠀

Hips/Pelvis shooting up in snatch pull
Many lifters fail to synchronise the hips and shoulders moving upwards together which causes the hamstrings and hips to take the brunt of the force from the pull.⠀ ⠀

Shoulders falling backwards in snatch pull
Has the opposite effect of the last point whereby the shoulders take the brute force of the pull if not synced with hips.


How can you improve your snatch technique?


Hip Width Stance
Set up with a hip width stance and toes under the bar, if you start with your toes away from the bar it will stay away from you during the movement.

Hands Wide + Hook Grip
Your hands should be wide so that the bar rests in the crease fo your hips when standing and you should be using a hook grip on the bar.

Don’t forget your shoulders
Your shoulders should be slightly in front of the bar to begin with.

Rise in unison
Your hips and shoulders should rise together at the same rate.

Don’t forget the shrug
You should shrug to start of the pull.

Wait till the bottom
Bar should be received at the bottom of an overhead squat.

Extend, extend, extend
At completion you should have full hip, knee and importantly arm extension.

Mobility drills
Use these drills to improve your shoulder mobility for the snatch.

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