Complete A-Z of the best nutritional supplements

Complete A-Z of the best nutritional supplements.

Amino Acids

BCAA supplements are huge sellers (branched chain amino acids), because they generally contain the 3 amino acids most important for manufacture, maintenance and repair of muscle tissue. As BCAA’s help promote recovery and growth their use is widespread.

Beta alanine

Ever taken a pre workout and had an itchy or tingly sensation ? Blame beta alanine. Aside from your weird itchy face though, why is it often added to pre workouts ? Its because there is much research on its benefits for endurance, particularly exercise over 60 seconds long. Alongside creatine it is now one of the most documented ingredients. Oh and in case you’re wondering the itchy / tingly / flushed face is called paresthesia, and is harmless. It is more likely if you take something with beta alanine on an empty stomach, so if you’re not a fan of this feeling, try eating first.


Simply put it’s the most cost effective supplement for muscle mass and strength gains. There is loads of positive research on creatine monohydrate, so if you’re looking to gain muscle then its worth a go.

Vitamin D

There has been a lot of talk around Vitamin D recently. It maintains strong bones, helps with muscle health, and has a host of other beneficial reasons to take it. Its known as the sunshine vitamin, and its produced when out in the sun. For those of us who go many, many months without a glimpse of the yellow sphere, supplementing could be a good option.


Pre workouts, carbohydrates and amino acids are regularly used to help endurance during sports or workouts

Fat Burner

The market for magic, fat burning capsules is enormous and growing all the time. So what’s the best fat burner available ? Easy. It’s diet and exercise. No question. Sorry. The magic pill just doesn’t exist. Fat burning products can help shed the last few pounds, but should in no way be used to replace good nutrition, and exercise. Caffeine is the most widely researched ingredient which has been shown to increase fat loss.


Research has shown Glutamine to have anti-catabolic properties, which is to say that it can help to reduce the breakdown of muscle. Widely used by bodybuilders for this reason.


Not a great deal of research, but some positive suggestions that it helps decrease muscle breakdown, and could be particularly useful when cutting calories but wanting to maintain muscle

Intra workout

A high carb drink to help you power you through workouts. Everyone has lacked energy in the gym at some point, and intra drinks can help you maintain energy levels.

Joint Support

Nothing to do with Bob Marley, Glucosamine and Chondroitin are the two main ingredients in most joint support supplements. They can help repair cartilage is the claim. Evidence at the moment is not huge.

Vitamin K

Associated with cardiovascular health as it’s associated with inhibiting arterial calcification and stiffening.

L- Carnitine

A fat burner, and performance enhancer in one, its been used for years, and can help with endurance.


An important part of ZMA, and can aid with better sleep.

Nitric Oxide

NO may prove useful when using weights as it can increase blood flow in the body. If you’ve heard people talking about pumps (increased blood flow to your muscles), then NO is a supplement used for this.

Omega 3

An excellent all rounder, as many people don’t get enough from their diet. Omega 3 can help with fat loss, improved brain function, and inflammation amongst other things.


Whey ? Casein ? Isolate ? There are million types of protein available now. What is known for sure, is that protein is needed for muscle growth and recovery. Whey protein is easily digested and the most widely used, and can be helpful to people involved in most sports. Casein is a slower digested process, and is often taken at night to feed your muscles as you sleep. Isolate is the form of protein with the highest percentage of pure protein, so is considering the premium whey protein supplement.

Quality supplements

Pay attention to your supplements. Read the ingredients. Look out for dubious products you have not heard of, and you can find no information on.


Ready to drink supplements are becoming more popular and have appeared in many supermarkets now offering a quick fix of protein in an easy to drink bottle.


Reading this article could leave you a bit confused, so if you want any advice on specific supplements then get in touch with us

Testosterone booster

Herbal ingredients aimed at boosting testosterone. ZMA was shown to increase testosterone in a study (see ZMA). Scientific research is not wide, so if looking for your first supplements then stick with the basics.


Not a supplement, but a nice word to shove in this guide. Could be used to describe sports nutrition products as you can now see them everywhere. They aren’t just for athletes, or the guy with the stripey trousers and oversized arms in your gym.


Available everywhere, but did you know many tablets and capsules offer really poor absorption, so your body uses much less than you think ? Our liquid multi vitamin offers better absorption, with a greater quantity of ingredients in a convenient shot

Weight Gainer

Usually a high carb, high protein mix, with serious calories to help you put on a few pounds. Best used in conjunction with a gym!


A musical instrument. Not a supplement. Don’t ingest.


A very popular ingredient in fat burners in the US, but not widely available in the UK as there are stipulations surrounding selling it.


Its zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Used at night to aid sleep quality, which in turn helps muscle recovery after tough workouts.

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